Survey, Deeds of Assignment, and Allocation Document

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FACILITIES: 100% dry land, facing the major express, perfect for all kinds of developments both commercial and Residential.

Lovely 4 Bed Detached Duplex with Bq

For Sale

Exotic Contemporary 4 Bed Semi-Detached Duplex

For Sale

11 months ago

Features: 📍Well built 📍CCTV 📍Microwave & oven 📍Closet 📍All Rooms En-suite 📍1 Living Room 📍Stamped Floor 📍POP Ceiling 📍Water Heater; 3 Space Car Port 📍Walk-in Shower

185 SqFt
Exotic 5 Bed Semi-Detached Duplex with S/Pool

For Sale

7 years ago

Features: 📍Newly built; S/pool 📍All Rooms En-suite 📍Boys’ quarters 📍Microwave 📍Walk-in closet 📍Oven 📍Stamped Floors 📍1 Living Room 📍POP Ceiling 📍Water Heater 📍4 Space Car Port 📍Walk-in Shower

900 SqFt

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